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“Middle East Power Market Analysis to 2030 – Strategic Analysis from IPP and EPC Perspective, Investment and Regulatory Scenario, Competitive Landscape, Technical Consultant Analysis” gives detailed information on the Middle East power market, it provides an analysis across ten countries from EPC and IPP perspective.It covers the ten countries in the region and provides information to total installed capacity,generation,consumption upcoming plants and regulatory scenario in the country.It also covers the competitive landscape of the country.The report includes an analytical framweork to analyse the power sector across the ten countries and ranks them based on there investment attractiveness

– Data on total installed capacity, generation, upcoming power plants, technical consultant analysis and the BPI framework.It also includes company profiles of major technical consultants, IPP and power producers in the industry.

Reasons to buy
– Facilitate decision-making based on strong historic and forecast data for the region
– Develop strategies based on the data nalaysis and the BPI model
– Assess the middle east power market to identify key market s inb the region for investment
– Identify key partners and business development avenues.
– Respond to your competitors’ business structure, strategy and prospects.

1 Table of Contents
1 Table of contents 2
1.1 List of Tables 8
1.2 List of Figures 12
2 Introduction 15
2.1 Overview of Middle East Power Market 16
2.2 GlobalData Report Guidance 21
3 Methodology Adopted for Business Propensity Indicator Analysis 23
3.1 Capacity and Resource Availability 23
3.2 Regulatory Scenario 25
3.3 Transmission and Distribution (T&D) Infrastructure 25
3.4 Macro Economic Scenario 26
3.5 Competitive Scenario 28
3.6 Investment Scenario 28
3.7 Methodology Adopted to Arrive at a Final Rank 29
4 Business Propensity Indicator Analysis Across Middle East- EPC Perspective 34
4.1 Capacity and Resource Availability 38
4.2 Regulatory Scenario 40
4.3 Transmission and Distribution Infrastructure 43
4.4 Macro Economic Scenario 45
4.5 Competitive Scenario 48
5 Business Propensity Indicator Analysis Across Middle East- IPP Perspective 52
5.1 Capacity and Resource Availability 56
5.2 Regulatory Scenario 58
5.3 Transmission and Distribution Infrastructure 61
5.4 Macro Economic Scenario 63
5.5 Competitive Scenario 67
5.6 Investment Scenario 71
6 Technical Consultant Analysis from EPC Perspective 77
6.1 Kuwait Power Market 77
6.2 Syria Power Market 78
6.3 Qatar Power Market 79
6.4 UAE Power Market 80
6.5 Iraq Power Market 81
6.6 Bahrain Power Market 82
6.7 Oman Power Market 83
6.8 Yemen Power Market 84
6.9 Lebanon Power Market 85
6.10 Jordan Power Market 86
7 Technical Consultant Analysis from IPP Perspective 87

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Middle East Power Market Analysis to 2030 – Strategic Analysis from IPP and EPC Perspective


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