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In recent years, new fertilizers (trace element fertilizer, microbial fertilizer, amino acid fertilizer, humic acid fertilizer, slow-release/controlled-release fertilizer, etc.) have seen wide-spread development and application. However, the development of new fertilizer market has been severely restricted by the outdated techniques, lack of policy guidance and industry standard, high prices and market disorders, etc. Currently, the market share of new fertilizer accounts for no more than 5% of the national fertilizer market. Besides, as the new fertilizers are mostly applied to economic crops, it is not a competent alternative of traditional fertilizers.

1 Movements of New Fertilizer Research & Development
1.1 Major Categories and Types of New Fertilizer
1.2 Movements of Overseas New Fertilizer Research & Development and Newly-Developed Types
1.3 Analysis of Domestic New Fertilizer Research & Development Status Quo
1.4 Development Trend of New Fertilizer Techniques
2 Analysis of New Fertilizer Industry Status Quo and Outlook
2.1 Assessment of Policy Environment
2.1.1 Industrial Policy and Industry Technical Standard
2.1.2 Taxation and Subsidy Policy
2.1.3 Environmental Protection Policy
2.2 Domestic Production Capacity of New Fertilizer
2.3 Analysis of Market Scale and Development Potential
2.4 Analysis of New Fertilizer as Alternative of Traditional Fertilizer
2.5 Analysis of the Industrial Prospect of Major Existing New Fertilizers
3 Trace Element Fertilizer
3.1 The Conception and Categorization of Trace Element Fertilizer
3.2 Development of Trace Element Fertilizer Market in 2008-2012
3.2.1 Production Capacity and Output in 2009-2011
3.2.2 Domestic Consumption in 2009-2011
3.2.3 Domestic Price Trend in 2009-2011
3.2.4 Mainstream Production Techniques
3.2.5 Relevant Industrial Policy
3.3 Advantage in Competition and Marker Risks
3.3.1 Analysis of Its Advantages and Disadvantages in Competition with Traditional Fertilizer Products
3.3.2 Analysis of Major Market Risks
3.4 Industry Cycle and Industry Concentration Degree
3.4.1 Analysis of Industry Concentration Degree in 2009-2012
3.4.2 Analysis of Trace Element Fertilizer Industry Cycle
3.5 Industrial Value Chain and Profit Distribution
3.5.1 Links in the Industry Chain
3.5.2 Production Cost and Enterprise Profit
3.5.3 Analysis of Major Factors Affecting Enterprise Profit
3.6 Estimation of Market Trend in 2012-2015
3.6.1 Analysis of Production Capacity Growth Potential
3.6.2 Analysis of Consumption Growth Potential
3.6.3 Estimation of Industry Concentration Degree
3.6.4 Technical Development Trend
3.7 Investment Value of Trace Element Fertilizer Industry

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Report on Development Status Quo and Investment Value of China’s New Fertilizer Industry


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