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This report will make a detailed analysis of the above problems, explains the status quo of the 2011 China’s piglet feed industry, and conducts in-depth study of development environment, corporate layout and scale, the sales mode of the industry’s major enterprises of Chinese piglet feed industry, and conducts detailed and objective analysis on the development trend of piglet feed industry, with a view to making scientific judgment on the investment value of China’s animal biological product industry.

1 External Environment for Piglet Feed Market in China
1.1 Global Feed Market
1.2 Overall Situation of China’s Feed Market
1.2.1 Policy Environment for China’s Feed Market
1.2.2 Supply on China’s Feed Market
1.2.3 Demand and Consumption on China’s Feed Market
1.3 Overall Situation of China’s Pig Feed Market
1.3.1 Position of China’s Pig Feed Market in Feed Industry
1.3.2 Supply and Output Change of China’s Pig Feed
1.3.3 Distribution of China’s Pig Feed Production
1.3.4 Demand and Consumption of Pig Feed in China
1.4 Overall Situation of China’s Piglet Breeding
1.4.1 Change Trend of Chinese Piglet Number and Forecast
1.4.2 Geographical Distribution of China’s Adult Sows and Piglets Breeding
1.4.3 Comparison of Chinese and International Piglet-breeding Level
1.4.4 Development Direction and Trend of China’s Piglet Breeding
2 Production and Consumption of China’s Piglet Feed
2.1 Main Product Forms of China’s Piglet Feed
2.1.1 Division by Growth Phase Creep Feed Feed for Weaned Piglets Feed for Nursery Piglets Feed for Suckling Pigs
2.1.2 Division by Product Nature Compound Feed Concentrated Feed Pre-mixed Feed
2.2 Analysis on Main Raw Materials of China’s Piglet Feed (Including Addition Mode, Supply Capacity, and Price Change, etc. )
2.2.1 Main Protein Raw Materials Dairy Products Fish Meal Plasma Protein Powder Amino Acid Fermentation/Puffed Soybean Meal Other Protein Ingredients
2.2.2 Main Energy Feed Ingredients Cured/Puffed Corn Aliphatics Oil Mixture Others
2.2.3 Main Mineral Raw Materials
2.2.4 Main Vitamin Raw Materials
2.2.5 Main Feed Additive Raw Materials Enzyme Preparations Acidifier Probiotics Other Feed Additives
2.3 Supply and Production Changes of China’s Piglet Feed
2.4 Distribution of China’s Piglet Feed Production (Piglet Feed Production in Regions)
2.5 Demand and Consumption of China’s Piglet Feed
2.5.1 Main Consumption Areas
2.5.2 Consumption Change Trend
2.6 Chinese Piglet Feed Market Concentration
2.7 Competition Pattern of China’s Piglet Feed Market

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