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Expenditure of almost $135 billion is forecast over the next five years on subsea hardware; an increase of 14% over the preceding five-year period. The ‘Golden Triangle’ of subsea will continue to dominate upstream hardware expenditure, West Africa, GoM and Brazil, with Africa remaining the largest market. Growth offshore Brazil is driven directly by Petrobras’ long-term deepwater and ultra-deepwater strategy.

Deepwater hardware expenditure is forecast to grow considerably over the next five years. Developments in water depths greater than 500 metres will account for over half of the total forecast market spend; illustrating the increasing importance of harder-to-produce reserves.

The World Subsea Hardware Market Forecast 2012-2016 contains:
* Field prospect data – analysis driven by identified fields/prospects in the DW subsea database. Historic and forecast component and expenditure breakdowns are included for Africa, Asia, Australasia, Eastern Europe & FSU, Latin America, Middle East, North America, Norway, UK and Rest of Western Europe.
* Regional forecasts – detailed by subsea production (trees, control systems, templates & manifolds, flying leads & jumpers), SURF (rigid & flexible flowlines, risers, steel & thermoplastic umbilicals) and pipelines (trunklines).
* Enhanced analysis – throughout the report new ‘speed-read’ sections summarising and explaining key points giving an enriching reader experience and understanding.
* Drivers, trends & themes – primary and secondary drivers for subsea field developments are explained, with an overview of market sector trends & themes, production options and the development of the sector.
* Supply chain – trends, main suppliers and competitive landscape analysis.
* Concise Report Layout – industry background and supporting materials condensed to enable quick review.

Why buy the report?
The World Subsea Hardware Market Forecast 2012-2016 is an excellent source of information for those seeking a timely update on this dynamic and changing industry. Geared to senior executives’ needs, the report assumes no previous knowledge of the subject area.

The report is essential for financial institutions, equipment manufacturers, offshore construction companies, drilling operators and oil & gas companies wanting to better understand where and when to make investment decisions.

Executive Summary & Conclusions
Market Expenditure Summary

Drivers & Indicators
Primary Drivers of Subsea Field Development and Hardware Markets
Role of Offshore Production
Oil Price – Drivers and Forward Assumptions
Gas Price – Drivers and Forward Assumptions
Complexity, Technology & Cost Evolution
Exploration and Production Investment Requirement Trends and Themes

Subsea Development
Why Subsea?
Offshore Production Options
Subsea Production Hardware
SURF and Pipelines

Supply Chain
The Subsea Equipment Supply Chain
Subsea Production, SURF and Pipeline Competitive Landscape
Market Share, Orders, Backlog for Trees – Core Market Indicators

The Subsea Hardware Market Forecast
DW Demand Scenarios
Trends in Subsea Completions
Hardware Assumptions
Expenditure Forecasts
The World Subsea Market;

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The World Subsea Hardware Market Forecast 2012-2016


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