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2012 Deep Research Report on Global and China Solar Wafer or Ingot Industry was professional and depth research report on global and China solar wafer industry.this report has introduced almost all global and China solar wafer manufacturers, included solar wafer manufacturers background, wafer or ingot equipment sources, manufacturing process, solar wafer product specifications, 2009-2016 global and China wafer capacity and production, capacity expansion,solar wafer selling price, manufacturing cost, profit margin etc related information.

Then, the report introduced global and China solar wafer production,demand,supply and demand relation,average selling price,cost,profit margin and development trend. in addition to this.the report has introduced wafer and ingot manufacturing process (DSS,FZ CZ process, multi-wire cutting etc), wafer or ingot Equipments(ingot furnace Puller equipment suppliers and their equipment specifications),raw materials(polysilicon SIC PEG WIRE suppliers and average selling price), processing cost (ingot processing cost and cutting processing cost), finally, the report also introduced 200MW wafer project Feasibility analysis and related research conclusions. In a word, it was a depth research report on Global and China solar wafer industry. And thanks to the support and assistance from wafer industry chain related experts and enterprises during Research Solar Energy Team survey and interview.

Chapter One Solar Wafer Industry Overview 1
1.1 Wafer Definition 1
1.2 Classification and Application 8
1.3 Industry Chain Structure 9
1.4 Solar Wafer Industry Overview 11

Chapter Two Manufacture Technology and Processes of Wafer 13
2.1 Multicrystalline Ingot 13
2.2 Monocrystalline Rod 16
2.3 Wafer Cutting 20

Chapter Three Solar Wafer Productions Supply Sales Demand Market Status and Forecast 21
3.1 Solar Wafer Productions Overview 21
3.2 Semiconductor Wafer Productions Overview 31
3.3 Global Regional Solar Wafer Production Market Share 34
3.4 Global and China Solar Wafer Production and China Market Proportion 41
3.5 Global and China Solar Wafer Demand and Shortage 41
3.6 Global Semiconductor Wafer Demand and Shortage 42
3.7 2008-2014 Global and China Wafer Cost Price Production Value Profit Margin 42
3.8 Global and China Mono Multi Crystalline Wafer Production and Market Share 44
3.9 Global and China 125 156 Size Wafer Production and Market Share 45
3.10 Global and China 180 200 220um Thickness Wafer Production and Market Share 46

Chapter Four Global Major Wafer Manufacturers 48
4.1 Shin-Etsu Chemical (Japan) 48
4.2 SCHOTT SOLAR (Germany) 50
4.3 SUMCO (Japan) 54
4.4 MEMC (USA) 57
4.5 REC (Norway) 60
4.6 SolarWorld AG (Germany) 65
4.7 Sanyo (Japan) 68
4.8 Kyocera(Japan) 72
4.9 M.Setek (Japan) 75
4.10 NeosemiTech (Korea) 77
4.11 Silicon Ltd (Ukraine) 79
4.12 Bosch Solar (Germany) 81
4.13 EverGreen (Wuhan Aige) 86
4.14 EVERSOL (Taiwan) 89
4.15 Green Energy Technology (Taiwan) 91
4.16 Green Solar PV (Taiwan) 93
4.17 NEXOLON (Korea) 95
4.18 Crystalox Solar (UK) 97
4.19 Space Energy (Japan) 100
4.20 Photowatt International SAS (France) 102
4.21 Wafer Works (Taiwan) 104
4.22 Semi-materials (Korea) 107
4.23 Solar Cells Hellas (Greece) 109
4.24 Sun Energy AS (Norway) 111
4.25 Sovello (Germany) 113
4.26 Sino American Silicon Products (Taiwan) 115
4.27 Danen Technology (Taiwan) 117
4.28 IQE (UK) 119

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2012 Deep Research Report on Global and China Solar Wafer or Ingot Industry


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