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This Marketdata study examines the huge $78 billion commercial contract cleaning and maintenance services market. The business, which encompasses janitorial services, pest control, window cleaning, carpet/floor cleaning, parking lot maintenance, security, HVAC/facilities management and more, is very competitive, comprised of 906,000 mainly small operators, including 48,400 franchised outlets. Competitors run the gamut from mom & pop cleaners, to giants such as ABM Industries with $2.4 billion in revenues and UGL UNICCO with $852 million in commercial maintenance sales. This study traces industry size, growth, segments, structure, end-user demand, and operating ratios — Receipts for 1987-2010 actual, 2011-2012 estimates, and 2016 forecasts.

Steady sales gains of 5-7% per year, and 10% in 2007 came to a halt in 2009 with the recession, real estate bust, rising office building vacancy rates, and cutbacks in the frequency of cleaning by clients. Some customers even shifted to in-house cleaning. Low-ball prices, discounts and rebates have become the norm, hurting profits. Green cleaning and certification has become more important.

This is a complete analysis of: competitor market share, major industry trends, industry franchising, office and industrial building vacancy rates, impact of the recession, cleaning worker pay/turnover, outsourcing, more. Includes highlights of latest surveys by trade journals, as well as comments and outlooks by top competitors, trade groups and industry consultants. Separate in-depth chapters analyze the Carpet Cleaning and Residential/Maid Services segments. National, state and city ratios from Census Bureau surveys. Includes in-depth profiles and rankings of all the top franchise and non-franchise competitors (ABM Industries, Anago, Bonus Building Care, ServiceMaster, Jani-King, Jan-Pro, Clean Net, Coverall, Pritchard Industries, Red Coats, Vanguard, UGL Unicco.)

Introduction – Study Scope, Sources Used, Methodology 1-6
* Industry Nature & Definition: Description of the industry’s major segments, services provided, NAICS codes

Executive Overview of Major Findings ($300) 7-27
* Highlights & key findings of all report chapters: industry nature, analysis of major trends/issues affecting the industry (the recession, outsourcing, pricing, commercial office vacancy rates, commercial construction, franchising, green cleaning), outlooks by managements of competitors & consultants, industry size/growth -1987-2016 Forecast, 2009-2011 performance, franchising’s importance, sales of top competitors (franchises & non-franchise firms). Analysis of educational, healthcare, other key end-user
segments, industry structure, 2007 Census key operating ratios (no. of services in U.S., avg. sales, by: janitorial, pest control carpet cleaning, other building maintenance services), client mix.

The Outlook For Office Space and Commercial Construction ($200) 28-47
* Status report of commercial & office construction activity and indicators: value of non-residential construction, commercial office vacancy rates in major metro areas & nationwide, discussion of absorption rates
* Outlooks by: Natl. Assn. of Realtors, CB Richard Ellis, Jones Lang LaSalle: 2012-2013 projections
* Industrial building outlook
* Medical building construction outlook
* Amount of existing commercial floor space by U.S. and by region (1986-2003 – latest data 2003), share of space by type activity (retail, education, healthcare)
* Commercial office vacancy rates, by10 largest cities, office mkts. With highest vacancy rates
* Discussion of absorption rates, “shadow space”.


– National office vacancy rates by: downtown, suburban, metropolitan
– Top office space markets, by million sq. ft.
– Value of new construction of non-residential buildings, by type: 2008-2011
– Value of new construction of non-residential buildings: 1990-2011
– Distribution of floor space, by main building activity: 1992-2003 (gov’t suvey)
– No. of buildings and % of total floor space by type activity (education, health care, lodging, retail, offices, warehouses, etc.), by region (1986, 1989, 1992, 1995, 1999, 2003)
– Distribution of commercial floor space, no. of buildings, by Census region.
– U.S. healthcare expenditures & construction spending: 1990-2010, 2016 projections.

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