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The innovative global nanomaterial industry has experienced significant growth over the last five years and is expected to continue its high growth trajectory, surpassing US $6 billion by 2016 with a CAGR of 23% over the next five years.

Lucintel’s research indicates a positive future for nanomaterials and growing demand due to new and emerging applications such as wind turbine blades, solar energy, drug delivery, nanomedicines, and water treatment. Application of stringent regulations during the development stage of nanomaterial technology may slow or inhibit its commercial expansion in some areas. The growth trend is likely to continue as nanomaterials gain even further acceptance for use in various new aircraft models and other emerging applications. Energy, health, and the personal care industry are expected to drive the market for nanomaterials during the forecast period. Government policies and initiatives that support alternative energy forms need to be monitored for their positive impact on future growth.

The study spotlights, North America and Europe as the best performers in 2010, with the Asia and the rest of the world continuing to develop. Significant growth is expected in the Asian region because of capacity expansion of various large players and also an expected demand increase in the electrical &electronics (E&E) and energy segments.

Lucintel’s report, which provides trend scenarios and forecast statistics for 2011–2016, details industry drivers and challenges, compares properties and prices, and highlights major nonmaterial suppliers. It also describes emerging trends and new opportunities in the global nanomaterials industry. In addition, the report considers nanomaterials for a variety of markets such as transportation, E&E, building and construction, health and personal care, packaging, energy, consumer goods and more.

This unique report from Lucintel is expected to provide valuable information, insights, and tools needed to identify new growth opportunities and operate your business successfully in this market. This report is estimated to save hundreds of hours of your own personal research time and is anticipated to significantly help in expanding your business in this market. In today’s unstable economy, you need every advantage that you can find to keep you ahead in your business.

Features of Report:
To make business, investment, or strategic decisions, you need timely and adequate information. This market report fulfills this core need and is an indispensable reference guide for multi-national material suppliers, product manufacturers, investors, executives, distributors and many more, who are dealing with this market.
Some of the features of “Growth Opportunities in Global Nanomaterials Market 2011–2016: Trend, Forecast, and Opportunity Analysis” include these:
· Global nanomaterials market size in terms of value shipment and volume shipment
· Global nanomaterials market trend and forecast in terms of value and volume shipment
· Global nanomaterials market by segment
· Global nanomaterials market by region (North America, Europe, and ROW)
· Major growth drivers and challenges for global nanomaterials market
· Trend (2005-2010) and forecast (2011-2016) of global nanomaterials market by application, by region
· Growth opportunities in emerging applications of global nanomaterials market

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Research Report on Growth Opportunities in Global Nanomaterials Market


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