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Power Distribution Franchisee – evolving Public Private Partnership (PPP) model has picked traction since 2009 after successful demonstration by Torrent Power Ltd. at Bhiwandi, Maharashtra, which got operational in 2007.

The licensee (state utility) appoints a private company on the basis of rationale bidding for distribution of electricity in a specified area for specified years of contract. This Distribution Franchisee model stands midway between licensee and full PPP model and is considered as one of the major energy reforms in power distribution sector that has the potential to turnaround the sector and take electricity to rural areas as well.

Out of the variants available, ‘Input based Distribution Franchisee’ model has recently seen an increase, currently with five cities across India, out of which distribution in three cities was handed over to private companies in 2011. Three new cities in MP have recently been franchised and undergoing handover, further boosting up the DF model. Input based Distribution Franchisee, by far, has been mostly used operating model in urban areas.

Investments in this space are driven by the emerging nature of the ‘Input based Distribution Franchisee’ model which promises high returns, has low entry barriers, maintains proximity to end-consumers, involves high Capex with predictable cash flows and easy financial leverage when operating efficiently.

Key Highlights of the Report are
Current Market Scenario, its uptake and Upcoming Opportunities of Distribution Franchisee
Key Functional Roles and Responsibility of Distribution Franchisee Operator
Key Roll Out Challenges for Distribution Franchisee Operator across various stakeholders
Case Studies of already existing Operators
Bid Process description for distribution franchisees
Evolution of RFP terms and conditions across various past DFs, with highlighting of critical risks
Past bid analytics of DFs at Nagpur, Aurangabad, Jalgaon, Gwalior, Ujjain and Sagar
Detalied Financial numbers derived using a base financial model for UJJAIN city (recent MP bid analysis)

Sensitivity to different parameters like CAPEX, OPEX, Tariff Rate, Load Growth Rate, Price bid curve, etc.

Key Questions Answered
What is the potential of Distribution Franchisee model?
Which states are looking to adopt the model?
What are the key risks and challenges of the distribution franchisee model?
How is the bid process and how to analyze critical contract terms and conditions in the RFP?
What is a typical Capex Distribution for new Distribution Franchisee?
What Returns to expect from a DF model, and what key sensitivity parameters to analyse?
How has been the bidding scenario and trend in previous DF bids?
How is the experience of current distribution franchisee operators?
How is the current competitive landscape in the distribution franchisee space?

Information Sources
Excerpts from industry experts
Opinions and Reviews of various reports in Distribution Franchisee sector
Inputs from Conferences and Workshops
Secondary Research

A Must Buy For
Potential New Entrants in Distribution Franchisee space to get up-to speed on the market
Existing Distribution Franchisee operators to train / update new hires and stay up to date on market trends
Research and Educational Institutes to learn about various aspects of the Distribution Franchisee market
Banks and Financial Institutions to learn about the sector and understand the financial implications of investing in distribution franchisee businesses
Consultants to upgrade their know-how in the distribution franchisee market space

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Report on Input-Based Power Distribution Franchisee Market in India


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