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The World Pharmaceutical Market Fact Book 2012 is the ideal companion in today’s challenging pharmaceutical market environment. The need to understand world pharmaceutical marketplaces, and be able to answer quickly those questions that arise daily, is essential. That is why this current and comprehensive source of key market
statistics is an invaluable aid for every pharmaceutical industry executive.

Proven and reliable
Published by Espicom, for over 30 years experts in the healthcare market field, the 350-page Fact Book brings together a range of often difficult to source information in one
single, convenient and comprehensive publication. Keep it near to you at all times.

The World Pharmaceutical Markets Fact Book 2012 quickly answers key market questions
Which country spends most on pharmaceuticals as a % of GDP?
How are the economic downturn and currency fluctuations affecting expenditure in key markets?
Which pharmaceutical sectors are growing the fastest and where?
How does the Brazilian market compare with Mexico and Argentina in terms of total health expenditure?
What demographic development is affecting the market in Central and Eastern Europe?
What have been the key trends affecting pharmaceutical companies in leading emerging markets such as India, China, Brazil and Russia?

Which other business reference provides…
Key economic, demographic and health statistics on 66 markets around the world
Five years of historical data for markets, GDP & healthcare spending,demographics and healthcare statistics
World/regional overviews plus statistics on individual countries
Over 500 tables and charts
PDF format with Espicom Interactive online access included included in the price. Print option available

Comprehensive Contents
World Overview
Pharmaceutical market (actual and per capita)
Trade in pharmaceutical markets
Economic data and health expenditure
Healthcare data
– Hospital and beds
– Admissions and surgical procedures
– Physicians, nurses, pharmacists and dentists

Regional Overviews
The report provides 5 regional overviews for:
Central/Eastern Europe
Middle East/Africa
Western Europe

Which provide data on:
Market data by product sector
Trade data
Economic data
Health expenditure
Healthcare data
Hospital and beds
Admissions and surgical procedures
Physicians, nurses, pharmacists and dentists

Key facts and figures for 66 markets:
Market Data: 2006-2011

Actual and Per Capita
Trade Data: 2006-2011
Imports/Import growth rate
Exports/Export growth rate

Economic Data: 2006-2011
Health expenditure (US$ billions)
Health expenditure per capita (US$)
Health expenditure as a % of GDP
Public health expenditure as a % of the total

Demographic Data: 2006-2011
Population growth
% population aged 65+
Live births per ’000 population
Deaths per ’000 population
Infant mortality per ‘000 live births
Life expectancy for males/females

Healthcare Data: 2006-2011
Hospitals (public and private)
Hospital beds
Beds per ‘000 population
Inpatient admissions
Inpatient admissions per ‘000 population
Average length of stay (days)
Surgical procedures (‘000’s)
Outpatient visits
Outpatient visits per ‘000 population
Nurses per ‘000 population
Physicians per ‘000 population
Dentists per ‘000 population
Pharmacists per ‘000 population

For more information kindly visit :
Research Report on The World Pharmaceutical Markets


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