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The global market for medical equipment and supplies as defined in this report is valued at US$307.7 billion in 2012, equal to just under US$50 per capita. Several years of rapid growth came to a halt amid the economic downturn towards the end of 2008 and into 2009. Many countries experienced a slowdown in the market in 2009, with especially poor performance in the USA and Europe. Much of the world has seen a swift return to growth in 2010 and 2011, however, with the major exception of the Eurozone, which continues to perform relatively poorly.

The CAGR for the 2007-2011 period was 7.9%, although this masks the major reduction in growth which occurred in 2009 and 2010. Market growth resumed in 2011, although it will not be quite as rapid as before the economic downturn. Espicom projects that the total market will rise to US$434.4 billion by 2017, equal to just underUS$67 per capita and a CAGR for the 2012-17 period of 7.1%. Some of the best prospects for growth will be in the developing markets of Asia, Latin America and Central/Eastern Europe, while traditional Western markets represent more steady performers.

Use this new report to easily answer questions such as:
Which Asian countries offer the best opportunities for market growth and in which sectors?
Which Eurozone medical sector is set to exceed US$32 billion and a 2012-17 CAGR of 7%?
What are the prospects for MRI in Latin America and which countries offer the best opportunities?
How did the Chinese orthopaedic sector fare in 2011 and what are its prospects to 2017?

This important business evaluation provides:
Growth forecasts to 2017 for 86 markets – 20 more than last edition
Comparative data on a regional and global basis
Rankings by key indicators allow “at a glance” benchmarking of countries
Detailed information on each market
This report is available in pdf or print formats with Espicom Interactive web access for all customers
Practical value as all tables and graphs can be easily exported to be included in your own reports and data sets

This new report provides detailed market forecasts
Worldwide Medical Markets Forecasts to 2017 is essential for business forecasters, marketing planners and the investment community. Anyone, in fact, who needs to understand the future outlook for the dynamic medical device and equipment industry.

In 416 information-packed pages the report provides thousands of market projections, rankings and comparisons.

Provided with global, regional and national views
A global overview of key rankings

Six regional sections allow comparative assessment of countries within a geographic region:
Western Europe
Central & Eastern Europe
Middle East/Africa
Sub Saharan Africa
Individual markets to provide detail and forecasts at a national level

For more information kindly visit :
Research Report on World Medical Market Forecasts


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