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Over the years the share of the private sector in the provision of health care delivery has increased to more than 75% of all outpatient care and about 60% of all in-patient care. The presence of private sector is widespread across the entire Indian healthcare landscape from providing healthcare delivery services, entry of corporate groups in managing and creation of healthcare infrastructure and imparting quality medical education.

The private healthcare delivery model is distributed in hospitals, nursing homes (kind of small hospital operated by a doctor or a group of doctors) and outpatient clinics. Indian Hospital Services market is primarily dominated by private players and there are few big players present in the market making it an oligopoly market. Apollo Hospitals Enterprise Ltd (Apollo), MAX Healthcare (MAX), Fortis Healthcare (Fortis), Global Hospitals (Global) and CARE Hospitals (CARE) are some of the leading players in Private Hospital Services market.

The Private Hospital Services Market in India is expected to poise a high growth in future backed by increasing demand, favorable government policies and rising investment. Report highlights the expansion in Tier II cities as the next growth frontier for the private hospitals chains operating in India.

Research report gives detailed insight on the following aspects related to private hospital market in India:
• India Hospital Services Market Overview
• Public & Private Hospital Infrastructure
• Human Resource
• Investment & Expansion Plans by leading Private Hospital Chain
• Demand in Tier II Cities: The New Growth Frontier for Private Hospitals
• Emerging Trends
• Key Challenges to be Resolved for Uninterrupted Growth
• FDI Policy & Regulatory Framework
• Competitive Landscape

Table of Contents
1. India Hospital Service Market Overview
1.1 Public Sector
1.2 Private Sector
2. Hospital Service Market Infrastructure
2.1 Hospital Beds
2.2 Doctors
2.3 Dental Surgeon
2.4 Nurses
2.5 Pharmacists
2.6 Blood Banks
3. Private Healthcare City
3.1 Apollo Health City
3.2 Medanta Medicity
3.3 Chettinad Health City
4. Changing Patient Profiles – Transition from Chronic to Lifestyle Diseases
5. Private Hospital Services Market Trends
5.1 Entry of Corporate Groups
5.2 Hospitals & Outpatient Clinics in Tier II Cities
5.3 Specialty Hospitals
5.4 Increasing Medical Insurance Coverage
5.5 Demand for Quality Healthcare Services
5.6 Medical Tourism
5.7 Telemedicine
5.8 Hospital Information System
5.9 In House Pathological Services
6. Challenges to Be Resolved
7. Foreign Direct Investment in Hospitals
7.1 Regulation
7.2 Impact of FDI
8. Regulatory Framework
8.1 Ministry of Health & Family Welfare
8.2 Medical Council of India
8.3 Dental Council of India
8.4 Pharmacy Council of India
8.5 Indian Nursing Council
8.6 National Health Policy
8.7 National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers

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Report on Private Hospital Services Market In India


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