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This report supplies information on the Italian market of paints and coating products for industrial applications and its competitors: market trends, SWOT and key success factors analysis, major companies performance indicators (total turnover, sector specific turnover, market shares and export quotas), business prospects and trends.

Product technology: several raw materials such as resins, pigments and fillers are mixed together . For liquid paint and coating, the above ingredients are mixed with a solvent (water or chemical diluent); once applied to the desired surface, the solvent evaporates (either by contact with the air or in a desiccator), forming a solid film that adheres to the surface and that is resistant to external agents. Thermoset powder products, on the other hand, are applied in an electrostatic process and polymerise after a phase of desiccation.

Function: to protect and/or decorate industrially manufactured (or handmade) goods as well as manufacturing plants and equipment.

Client categories:
• specialised retailers that offer supplies to small businesses
• companies in various industries that need to paint/coat the products they manufacture
painting and coating companies

The paints and coating products for industrial applications sector can be broken down into the following six main segments according to the sectors in which the products are used, plus a seventh segment (‘others’) for all other various applications:
• metalworking and mechanical engineering – this industry uses a variety of paints, coatings and
• finishing systems, including liquid paints and coatings, thermoset powders, coil coating and can coating
• wood products
• original automotive finishes
• automotive refinishes
• industrial maintenance and anti-corrosion products to protect metal (this segment does not
• include concrete protection products, as different types of products like sealants and malts are generally
• used for concrete)
• maritime industry
• others (e.g. paint for road markings, coating for electrical conductors, etc.)

In this sector, products most frequently reach end clients by direct sales, while retailing is limited to specialised industrial suppliers. These two channels have significant differences in terms of access to supplies and delivery of products.

In order to draw up the Competitors report, the Databank method foresees the screening of the main realities of the sectors and various one-to-one interviews with the selected players. All this is then completed via:
– the gathering of information questionnaires that are filled out by the main companies on an annual basis;
– the checking of the gathered information by a sector expert, using a verification system that guarantees maximum reliability and consistency;
– the processing of information belonging to the Cerved Group about Italian economic realities.

The strategies and performances of the largest players in each sector are looked at in depth in the Competitors report. In all the cases in which a specific source is not indicated, the information published in the report must be intended as extracted and processed from the Cerved Group’s proprietary information. Each sector addressed in the Competitors products may be the subject of a dedicated presentation in the company or developed during a training course on the same subject.

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Report on Paints and coating products for industrial applications


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