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This report supplies information on the Italian market of paints and coating products for the building industry and its competitors: market trends, SWOT and key success factors analysis, major companies performance indicators (total turnover, sector specific turnover, market shares and export quotas), business prospects and trends.

The sector encompassing paints and coating products for the building industry is defined according to the following factors:

Product technology: the formulation and manufacture of paints and coating products through the mixture of binding agents (natural, artificial and synthetic resins), inorganic and/ or organic pigments, solvents (water or chemical solvents), fillers and various additives. The products obtained through this process can be applied to buildings (solid surfaces made of brickwork, wood or metal) Following the evaporation of the solvent, the products dry to become a continuous film that is resistant to external

Purpose: the protection and decoration of buildings (private and public); this report does not include analysis of industrial applications or use in civil construction works, which employ other coating products defined as “for industrial protection” (with specific technical characteristics and purposes; these form part of a different competitive context, analysed in the Databank report entitled “Paints and Coating Products for Industrial Applications”.

Client groups: direct clients are major coating companies that are supplied directly (the short channel) and various distributors that sell coating products for the building industry (the long channel: paint shops, hardware stores, DIY stores, supermarkets/ large retailers, building supplies merchants, etc.,). The end customers are trade professionals (small companies, craftsmen, etc.) and private “do-it-yourself” enthusiasts.

The sector is divided up according to the type of application:
• Products for exterior use – on facades (with the related undercoats and primers);
• Products for interior use (with the related undercoats and primers; this area excludes decorative
• products);
• Decorative products (with the related undercoats and primers);
• Enamels for wood and metal (with related undercoats);
Transparent varnishes (with related undercoats);
• Other coating products;
• Complementary products, such as concentrated dyes, thinners, stucco and paint stripper.

End customers can be broken down into two types, which have different characteristics and specific critical success factors:
• Building professionals, includes coating companies, which are supplied either directly by the manufacturer or through specialist retail outlets; the long channel offers a full range of products dedicated to the building industry, and above all a high level of service to the end user.
• Home improvements: end customers are largely small-scale painters and decorators and private DIY enthusiasts, who get their supplies from traditional points of sale such as paint shops, hardware stores and similar outlets. This area includes large scale retail (DIY centres and non-specialist supermarkets), a channel with its own specific characteristics.

In order to draw up the Competitors report, the Databank method foresees the screening of the main realities of the sectors and various one-to-one interviews with the selected players. All this is then completed via:
– the gathering of information questionnaires that are filled out by the main companies on an annual basis;
– the checking of the gathered information by a sector expert, using a verification system that guarantees maximum reliability and consistency;
– the processing of information belonging to the Cerved Group about Italian economic realities.

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Report on Paints and coating products for the building industry


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