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Qatar Construction Industry-Building up for the Kick off

Qatar is one of the fastest growing economies in the world as also the world’s third largest producer and supplier of Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) and among the top 20 producers of oil. Armed with a plan to diversify from its dependence on hydrocarbons by prudently investing its vast hydrocarbon surplus into the expansion and diversification of the economy, the economy of Qatar has undertaken a slew of investments at a cost of over US$ 125 billion across core sectors of the economy and embarked on an ambitious plan to put Qatar on the World Map through its successful growth ambitions.

While managing to keep away from the adverse effects of the global economic slowdown and the Arab Spring, it has also won the prestigious bid to host the 2022 World Cup FIFA Football event, which it is preparing for by sprucing up the face of Qatar not only across its stadia and real estate but also through massive upgrades in its existing infrastructure including ports, a new international airport, a railway network, roads and highways of which some are new and some are being upgraded, new hotels and recreation complexes are also being built to house the players, tourists and visitors to the grand event.

The hosting of the World Cup is being viewed as a stepping stone to the long standing vision of the country outlined in its National Vision 2030 to put Qatar on the World map as a leading destination for tourists and investors alike on a sustainable platform which is enviornmentally sound and improves the standards of living of the Qatari citizens at large.

Contracts worth US$ 16,138 million were awarded across construction sectors in 2011 and more are likely to be awarded in 2012 reaching US$ 19,200 million in 2012 and US$ 21,928 million in 2013, respectively as bulk of the projects being readied for the World Cup 2022 event including 9 stadia and infrastructure projects such as the deep sea port, the new international airport due for completion in 2012, the metro and other railway projects, the roads and highways expansion and upgrade projects are all likely to witness contract awards for core and associated projects between 2011 and 2013.

Based on its vast experience of tracking construction markets across the GCC and MENA region, this Ventures Middle East report the “Qatar Construction Industry-Building up for the Kick Off” explores how the winning bid for the World Cup among other factors have helped Qatar speed up its developmental plans to help fuel growth across its construction industry. It also explores the factors shaping the growth of the industry through an analysis of the Political, Social, Economic, Technological, Legal and Regulatory and Environmental factors that govern its growth and the key market drivers and restraints with the help of a probability-impact matrix, to its achieving its full potential.

The report also provides an individual analysis of the key sectors of the Qatar construction industry namely, building construction, infrastructure, oil and gas, power and water desalination and industrial sectors are analysed individually highlighting the main opportunities and challenges faced by each sector in its race toward growth along with vital statistics on the market size and contracts awarded across the industry and its core sectors along with forecasts till 2013.

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Qatar Construction Industry-Building up for the Kick off


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Qatar LNG Markets to 2020- Analysis and Forecasts of Terminal wise Capacity

The new comprehensive report on Qatar LNG industry from LNGReports provides complete analysis, data and forecasts of the industry from 2000 to 2020. Annual information on LNG trade, capacity, exports/imports, infrastructure and market structure from 2000 to 2020 is provided. All major trends, investment opportunities, industry drivers along with challenges are analyzed.

Availability of natural gas in the future and its impact on LNG projects is analyzed in detail through forecasts of gas production and demand. Information on all Sale- Purchase Agreements signed by companies along with forecasts of contracted and spare capacities to 2020 are detailed.

For the first time, you will find the long term sale- purchase contracts (MSPAs), trade movements, prices along with an illustrative map in one single report. In addition, the report provides the construction details, capital investments and feasibility of planned projects. Industry Analysis

The industry is compared to its peer markets through new and innovative tools like benchmarking and positioning matrix. The possible growth of LNG in the peer countries along with investment environment is discussed.

On the competitive landscape, Qatar market structure is clearly described with supporting data on market shares and net weighted capacity of each company between 2000 and 2020.

• Outlook of global LNG and natural gas industries to 2020
• Forecasts of Qatar natural gas production and consumption along with major fields, operators and reserves
• Historic and Forecasted Liquefaction capacity, storage capacity, contracted and non-contracted capacities to 2020
• An illustrative map of all the existing and planned LNG terminals
• SWOT Analysis of the market
• Key Trends and Issues in Qatar LNG market
• Benchmark with five peer markets on four indexes (supply, capacity, economic and operational)
• Market Structure, Companies- their capacities and market shares, 2000 to 2020
• Construction details including FEED/ EPC contract, constructor details, construction period and operating technology
• All active and announced Sales and Purchase agreements (SPA) along with purchaser, quantity and duration details
• Trade movements and pricing information by country are provided for a period of seven years from 2002 to 2010
• Terminal start year, installed capacity, processing trains, storage capacity and storage tanks.
• Operator and shareholders along with their equity stake for all terminals
• Capex of all terminals, feasibility of planned terminals
• Source field, connecting pipelines, jetty and other infrastructure, LNG carriers
• Company profiles of three LNG majors
• Latest mergers, acquisitions, contract announcements, trade agreements, terminal expansions and all related news

Reasons To Purchase
• Make strategic decisions using our in-depth analysis and historical and forecasted data on terminals, countries and companies
• Identify potential opportunities for gas procurement, capacity reservations and asset investments
• Evaluate pros and cons of investing in the country’s LNG market as compared to its peer markets
• Enhance your strategy formulation through our positioning matrix and identifying the growth stage of the market
• Identify potential investment opportunities present across the LNG value chain in the entire world
• Evaluate planned projects using our feasibility analysis of planned projects and capital investment
• Gain access to data on LNG pricing and trade movements in different parts of the world and export or import LNG from stable and cheapest sources
• Stay ahead of competition by understanding their business strategies and planned investments
• Make merger and acquisition decisions using market share information and latest news section

Companies Mentioned
Qatar Petroleum, Exxon Mobil Corporation, ConocoPhillips, Total S.A

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Qatar LNG Markets to 2020- Analysis and Forecasts of Terminal wise Capacity


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