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Machine Tools Market in India 2012

The Machine tool market in India is in its growing phase and gradually getting more attention from the Government of India as well. Machine tool is the feeder industry for the whole capital good sector as it is the supplier of various basic machineries required by other major industries. In the recent years, the industry has witnessed entry of different multinationals that have either gone for joint ventures or wholly owned subsidiaries in India for setting up manufacturing units, propelling the rise in production of machine tools owing to its surging demand.

The report begins with the introduction section which offers a brief description of machine tools along with the names of major machine tools that are manufactured in India. After this, a brief insight about how the industry is related to the manufacturing sector and other strategic sectors of the country is provided. It is then followed by the classification of the machine tool industry based on different criterions. It then moves to the market overview section which provides an overview of the global machine tool industry with details about major manufacturing nations, country wise production, consumption and India’s share in total consumption. The next section provides an insight about the Indian machine tool industry highlighting the market size and growth. It also provides information regarding domestic production and its growth over the years. In addition to this, segmentation of the industry based on portfolio of the players and product types is also provided. The next section elaborates on the value chain analysis of the sector.

A separate section on import and export of machine tools is also provided, highlighting the growth in import and export values over the years. Then, details regarding major importing and exporting nations are also provided.

An analysis of the drivers explains the factors for growth of the industry that include growth of industries using machine tools, strong supporting industries-foundry & castings, abundance of key raw materials, availability of cheap labour force and consistent supply of skilled manpower. The key challenges include insufficient production capacity, lack of proper funding, lack of investment in R&D and Regulatory challenges.

The next section speaks about the Government initiatives for this sector which includes different schemes by Development Commissioner (MSME), other government initiatives in terms of FII policies, custom duty relaxation etc and proposals madder in the 12th five year plan made by Department of Heavy Industries.

The major trends identified in the sector include exhibitions to promote trade, increased focus towards India for developing machine tools, transformation towards multitasking technology and usage of IT.

The competition section offers a competitive landscape of the players by providing their financials and key financial ratios. It also provides elaborate information regarding the organizations. Key financial parameters constitute the financial performances of the players which are followed by business highlights. Porters Five Forces Analysis has been incorporated for a brief but effective understanding of the market scenario.

The report concludes with a section on strategic recommendations which comprises an analysis of the growth strategies for the machine tool market in India.

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Machine Tools Market in India 2012


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China CNC System Industry Report, 2011

The penetration of CNC machine tools has kept rising since 2002 and reached 29.9% in China in 2011. At present, economical CNC systems are the mainstream products in the Chinese CNC system market, while mid to high-end CNC systems occupy a smaller proportion. In the future, with the increasing requirement on the performance of CNC system products by various industries, the demand for mid to high-end CNC systems will increase gradually.

In the field of economical CNC system, domestic products have formed competitive advantages in price and scale, and occupied 95% of the Chinese market. GSK occupies the largest market share, and other leading companies include Beijing KND, Nanjing Washing, and Dalian Dasen. Industry Analysis

Mid to high-end CNC system products are mainly dependent on imports, but some companies such as Huazhong CNC have emerged, and by virtue of advantages in price and service, continued to grab over the market share of imports. Huazhong CNC is the largest domestic enterprise in the field of mid-end CNC system, and occupied about 30% of the market in 2010.

In the field of high-end CNC system, the market is basically occupied by imports. Japan’s Fanuc occupies about 50% of the market. Local enterprises in the high-end market mainly include Huazhong CNC and Shenyang Golding NC Tech.

The report outlines the development of China’s machine tool industry, the supply and demand of the CNC system industry, the competition and import & export of economical and mid to high-end CNC system market segments. In addition, the report sheds light on key enterprises in China’s CNC system industry, including Fanuc, Siemens, Mitsubishi, Huazhong CNC and GSK.

Huazhong CNC is the largest domestic manufacturer of mid to high-end CNC systems. Its CNC system business achieved revenue of RMB 89 million in H1 2011, accounting for 45% of the company’s total revenue. In 2011, Huazhong CNC acquired stake in servo motor manufacturers Huada Motor and Wuhan Golden Age Motor Technology to complete its CNC system industry chain. After its fundraising and investment projects put into production, its CNC system production capacity will reach 15,000 sets per year in 2012.

GSK has obvious advantages in the economical CNC system production area. In 2010, it produced over 100,000 sets of CNC systems, and achieved operating revenue of about RMB 1.2 billion. While consolidating the field of economical CNC system, GSK has begun to set foot in the mid-end CNC system market.

1. Definition and Classification
1.1 Definition and Structure
1.1.1 Definition
1.1.2 Structure
1.2 Classification
2. Overview of Chinese Machine Tool Industry
2.1 Output of Machine Tools
2.2 Output of CNC Machine Tools
2.3 Consumption of Machine Tools
3. Overview of Chinese CNC System Industry
3.1 Supply
3.1.1 CNC Device
3.1.2 Servo Drive Unit
3.1.3 Drive Motor
3.2 Demand
3.2.1 CNC Penetration Rate
3.2.2 Demand Structure
3.3 Economical CNC System
3.3.1 Competition Pattern
3.3.2 Demand Forecast
3.4 Mid to High-end CNC Systems
3.4.1 Competition Pattern
3.4.2 Demand Forecast

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China CNC System Industry Report, 2011


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